Bjarke M Rasmussen

Opening track from the upcoming Grøn album "Aldrig mere vinter". Out October 17 on Infinite Waves. Inverted Audio premiered the title track "Aldrig mere vinter".

Bjarke Rasmussen "Introvert Musik" self-released August 15 2020 as a part of Reception Desk at Kld Repro. Piano and cello recordings from Blågårds Kirke.

Grøn "We Are Forever" album, out on Perfect Aesthetics, 2020.

Live recording from Alice Cph, August 1st, 2020

V/A - "Folded Expressions" out on Infinite Waves June 11 2020.
Reinterpretations based on piano and cello I did at Blågårds Kirke.
Premiere at Zenevloed

Grøn "Someone Like You" 8 inch vinyl self-released in 2020. Organ works from Blågårds Kirke.

V/A - Landscape Formations out on Phinery 2020.