Bjarke M Rasmussen


Bjarke M. Rasmussen (b. 1985) is an electronic musician and composer, based in Copenhagen. His solo works often set to explore the inner and outer rims of repetition. Employing various electronics, cello and piano, often accompanied with analogue tape loops, as concentric layers to the axis of cyclic motion. Working in the field of ambient soundscapes, his melodies tend to ambigously dwell in the borderland between melancholy and optimism.

Performing live under “Grøn” and “Human Trails”, he also runs the cassette/vinyl label “Infinite Waves”, specialising in electronic and ambient artists, mainly with Copenhagen based artists. Member of Danish Composers’ Society (DKF) since 2019. He's also booker and curator at Mayhem, a pivotal venue for extreme and experimental music in Copenhagen.

Over the years, Bjarke has collaborated with various artists, many of these in duo projects. Such as Mikkel Rørbo (Alleypisser, Knækkede Stemmer, Miro), Christian Møller Blæhr (Mette Mareridt, Shiggajon etc.), Tobias Corell (Cathaya) and Lasse Volkmann (Metalized Man, Glass Knot). Toured together with Goodiepal and been part of the early stage of what now is called Goodiepal & Pals.

Besides putting out his music on his own label Infinite Waves, Bjarke has released msuic on labels such as Perfect Aesthetics, Cønjuntø Vacíø, Interzone Tapes, A.V.A., Yerevan Tapes, Insula Music, Phinery Tapes, Metaphysical Circuits and Norelco Mori Limited.


Founder of record label, Infinite Waves
May 2013 - present

Residency, EMS/Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm
May 2017

Booker and curator, Mayhem KBH
August 2017 - May 2020

Mentorship, Carsten Bo Eriksen/My Beautiful Decay 1973
Spring 2020 (funded by DKF)

Residency, EMS/Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm
May 2020 (postponed to 2021)

Indoor pool concert at Hillerødgade Bad (04/25-2015)